How to Find the URL of Uploaded Images on WordPress

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Finding a URL of any image what we upload to our WordPress blog or site is not an easy task. And today in this first post on MyanyDroid I will like to share with you the perfect method or tricks to Find the URL of Uploaded Images on WordPress.  So, please read the full article which ensures that all the steps followed correctly.

Find Find the URL of Uploaded Images on WordPress – Step by Step tricks

When we upload a new image on WP site then it will automatically store in a default year/month name folder. Each and every image you upload using WordPress default media upload generates a new link which is unique. For example, a WordPress image URL covers your domain name followed by /wp-content/uploads/, date of image upload, and the image file name with file extension (like .jpeg, .png, .jpg and more).

If we consider an image named ‘myandroidhomescreen.png’ uploaded to in July 2019 will generate a URL like this:

Now it’s time to know how you can get the link or URL of any image uploaded on your WordPress site.

1-> Logon to your WP site admin panel using your user id as well as the password.

2-> After successfully logging click on “Media” (A camera and music icon) which will take you to the gallery of all your images.

3-> Now with the help of search function given on the top corner of the library, search your desired file or simply find the image with scrolling. So, now click on the image file which will open a pop-up window. Popup window contents all the image file information including image size, file size, extension, Alt tag and more.

4-> And finally at the bottom of the popup window, get the image URL. It is the link and to copy the link on your clipboard just click the ‘Copy Link’ option.

Note: If you are using any CDN like jetpack it may redirect you to the subdomain contents image link during visiting the image URL. This method does not require to published post image.

How to Finding Your WordPress Image URLs from the Frontend

If your post status is published then follow the bellow single step to find the image URL easily.

-> Open a page or post where the image is published and scroll down to the desired image. After that, right-click on the image, and select ‘Open image in new tab/Window’ option.

Once the image opens in the new tab, find at the URL in the address bar. That is your WordPress image URL.

Now you can copy the image address as well as use it anywhere you want.

Finding the URL of GIFs, Videos, and PDFs in WP

If want to get the URL of any other media files like GIFs, videos, and documents like PDFs which also stored inside the WordPress media library. You can easily find the URL of such files by following the single extra steps as shown above.

Go to Media » Library from your dashboard, and then click on a GIF, video, or document whose URL you want to see. After that, attachment details popup window will appear similar to the image file.

You can get the attachment URL next to the ‘Copy Link’ option on the bottom right.


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